Why One Wedding Photographer Is Better Than Two


There is a reason as to why the wise always say that quality is better than quantity. Of course, there are some instances when having more is always better (more money to spend on your wedding photography, more free time to spend on your honeymoon and more diamonds to grace your neck and fingers). When it comes to kent wedding photographer., it is far better to have ONE highly professional and skilled wedding photographer such as Lovepear Photography, than to have two who are just about only qualified to handle the bags that the cameras come in. For those who are looking to decide whether or not you need to hire more than one wedding photographer in Ashford, here are some reasons why hiring just one is better.

You will get the best possible quality

The thing about people is this, when they feel as if they have just one chance to do something, they will inherently want to give it their all. If you decide to hire just one photographer, you will go out of your way to find the very best one that you can afford. This is mostly because you know that the hired Maidstone Wedding photographer or Kent wedding photographer will do their best to get all the pertinent shots. They will capture every major moment perfectly because they are their own back-up. With two photographers, one might assume that the other got the shot and vice-versa, which means they both end up not getting the shot.

A clear wedding photography path and purpose

One of the main reasons why most people opt to go with just one wedding photographer is because when they hire two, they tend to get in each others way. This is especially if they are not from the same company. Imagine having an Ashford wedding photographer clamoring to get the shot that your hired Maidstone photographer wants? It will be like a Paparazzi fest on your big day and it will be disruptive. If you get just one photographer who knows what they are doing well, they can cover every important moment and you will not even notice that they are there.

One photographer will bring an able assistant

Most professional wedding photographers in Kent, Maidstone and Ashford have competent assistants. These are side-kicks who are very capable of managing all the supporting equipment that goes into making a wedding photography shoot successful. Hiring just one professional photographer will mean that you get fewer people lagging equipment about during your big celebration and thus less disruption.

In everything wedding related, there is always the cost to consider. It is cost effective to hire just one brilliant wedding photographer who will cover everything instead of incurring an extra cost to hire a second photographer who may just get in the way of a great wedding photo-shoot.