Blurb Review

Whereas most of the online self-publishing platforms focus on the inner writer in an author, Blurb is quite different. With such a website, you can also create photo books and publish your pictures using the provided tools. It is a shift from the traditional style where almost everyone concentrated on publishing text books. One thing that can be noted about this is that there are several tools that can be used to edit and compile the images into a book that a reader can easily read and follow. It is a platform that makes the whole process quite simpler.

How blurb.com works

The main feature of blurb is that it is geared towards projects that are more photo-centric. Things such as year books, wedding albums and other picture portfolios can be best done with it. However, the reason why it stands out from the many other options out there is the fact that it enables the user to focus on their own creativity. This is not a platform where someone is limited to a few things. Far from that, your imaginations can run as far as possible to ensure that you end up with the best project results as per your own objectives.

The functionality is a good one. This is pegged on a wide variety of the tools that are provided. Once you understand how to go about the tools, you will find it much easier to complete your photo books. However, that does not mean that you cannot use this platform for text books. It even can be used by business people who believe that it is the best way to get the word around and get more clients. The fact that all the tools are fully functional and that they are easy to use is what makes the Blurb even better for everyone.

In addition to that, blurb is fun to use. While you create your publications, you also get to enjoy your experiences. This is the best way to enjoy your work and increase the creativity. With such an opportunity, you might even surprise yourself by coming up with a publication that is far much better than what you thought you were capable of. The only shortcoming may be the lack of higher end tools. For those who run technical projects and who want extremely advanced tools to come up with complicated publications, the tools may seem a little inferior.

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